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Cub Scout Pack 1721
(Woodbury, New Jersey)
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Arlington National Cemetery

It was our honor to place a Wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  

Our Pack also had the privilege of speaking one on one with a Tomb Sentinel as well as visiting the 3rd Regiment Caisson stables and the military horses who work with our soldiers. 

Please watch the video of our Scouts Proudly placing the Wreath at the Tomb
The young men displayed a maturity level that was beyond their ages during the ceremony.
Video of the Wreath Laying Ceremony

Our Wreath ready for inspection by the Old Guard Regiment


Preparing to descend the steps with the Tomb Sentinel to place the Wreath at the Tomb
The young men in this picture were selected by lottery and had to agree to complete additional practice sessions which included
practicing marching, the commands for the ceremony and they were requested to research the Tomb itself and have questions
prepared to ask the Sentinel during our interview after the ceremony.


Interview with a Tomb Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
We are extremely grateful that he spent so much time with our Scouts and Pack Family


Base Tour!
Our Pack hiked a total of 7 miles during the visit!


We split up into multiple groups once we reached the stables. 

Our first group learning the history behind the Caissons. 


The Regiment guards stationed at the Stables were extremely knowledgeable and were kind enough to spend over an hour with our groups! 


Our Pack was given the opportunity to directly interact with the 3rd Regiment's members: Roosevelt, Reuben, Rowdy, and Hank. 
They are beautiful horses and were extremely patient and gentle with our Cub Scouts and our Pack Family.


Thank you 3rd Regiment
(Old Guard)
For an experience our entire Pack family will never forget!